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The Gallaghers

Born January 17, 2018, these three kittens were a surprise litter with gigantic personalities.  I was tested with the happenings and I wouldn't have it any other way.  All three have moved to their breeding and pet homes and are happy and healthy.

Ian (Loki), Debbie (Scout) and Fiona

SIRE:  St Paer Mystere of AlohaKedi

DAM:  St Paer Nimue of Finnland

This litter produced 2 national winning kittens... Loki was BEST KITTEN in CCA for 2018-2019 and Fiona was 14th Best Kitten for the same year.

The Reindeer Litter

Born December 2, 2018, these five kittens are lively and fluffy.  They are all outgoing, but a couple would be better suited to the show hall than others.
Dasher (Aslan), Prancer (Asil), Vixen, Rudolph and Olive (the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names)

Sire:  Gillies Mithril of Lonecat

Dam:  St Paer Nimue of Finnland

Sire:  Gillies Mithril of Lonecat

Dam:  St Paer Nimue of Finnland

Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes 
The Howard Stern Litter

I had intended to make this a Celebration of Canada litter with influential Canadians being used at the namesakes since they were due so close to Canada Day.

But as I watched the kittens dry.... silver turned into gold and I flashed to my favorite SiriusXM channel and a song written decades ago.....

Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes was a song written by Howard Stern when he was in 6th Grade. It has since been covered by Fred Norris, Jewel, and William Shatner to name a few.

These kittens were named after Stern Show personalities:

- Artie Lange - silver tabby & white, weighed 117g at birth which is really gigantic and tubby

- Beth Stern - golden tabby & white, the beloved wife of Howard, she is a beautiful blonde who loves animals and fosters kittens 

- Fred Norris- golden spotted tabby, the sidekick with all the sound effects

- Howard Stern - silver tabby, the man, the myth, the legend... The King of All Media. Anyone who only knows of the 1990 Howard should really read up on his (and Beth's) animal charity work and listen to some amazing interviews and allow your opinion to be changed. 

- Mariann From Brooklyn - golden tabby & white, Howard's biggest fan, Mother of the wack pack and a lady with a heart of gold and the voice of a crow. 

- Robin Ophelia Quivers - silver tabby & white, Howard's long-time partner in radio. She brings a woman's perspective to a show that is very overrun with men. 

6 babies: 3 boys, 3 girls, 3 golden, 3 silver

Born July 3, 2019

COVID litter

Vivienne celebrated her birthday, 2 days after my province went into lockdown for COVID19, by giving birth to 5 wonderful little kittens.

Born March 15, 2020 these five kittens are lively and fluffy.  They are all outgoing, and love to play.

I couldn't deny the situation going on and decided 5 kittens, 5 letters - it had to be done.  I went international as this virus has hit the entire world and caused a gigantic disruption of normal life.
Carmine (and Italian boy's name) -  Silver Mackerel Tabby & White Boy

Olga (a Russian girl's name) -  Silver Mackerel Tabby & White Girl 

Veera (a Finnish girl's name) - Silver Mackerel Tabby Girl

Iris (a Greek girl's name) - Silver Mackerel Tabby & White Girl 

Duchess (a French girl's name) - Silver Mackerel Tabby & White Girl

Sire:  Gillies Mithril of Lonecat

Dam:  St Paer Nimue of Finnland

Canadian Women of Health

Vixen welcomed 2 baby girls into the world, with the help of her mom, making Vivienne and Mitch first time grandparents!!!

Born March 26, 2020 these two little girls are spunky and fun.  They are learning how to cat way too fast as they have 10 day older nest-mates/aunts & uncle of the COVID litter!

By the time these babies arrived we were well into lockdown and my new normal was working from home and breaking for lunch when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his daily press conference, followed by the Ministers' press conference.  I didn't know who all these people were before this world pandemic, but now they were part of my family.

This small litter is being dedication to Canada's women who are very competently leading us through this medical crisis.

Dr. Theresa Tam is Canada's Chief Public Health Officer.  She is a physician with expertise in immunization, infection disease, emergency preparedness and global health security.

The Honourable Patty Hadju is a strong advocate for women's rights, youth employment, and affordable housing.  She is currently the Canadian Minister of Health.

Introducing Tammy & Patty!!! 

Tammy - Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby Girl - RESERVED - She will be going to Nova Scotia

Patty -  Silver Patched Classic Tabby Girl - RESERVED - She will be staying local with Olga

Sire:  Aloha'Kedi's Orlando of Folie a Deux

Dam:  Finnland Vixen

Canadian Women of Health


The Roses

Uliana is a first time mom and gave birth just one day before her 2nd birthday.

Schitt's Creek is a Canadian filmed/funded/acted TV show that celebrates inclusion and differences.  It is one of my all time favorite shows that allowed me to laugh and cry every week. 

We need to root for people who can change, who can learn to really love each other, free from distractions and the pressures of social climbing. Schitt’s Creek is a town that welcomes all, as long as you want to be there. It offers a freedom to love and be loved as you are.


This litter is named after 4 of the main characters in the show:

David Rose (Dan Levy) -  Blue Spotted Tabby Boy

Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid) -  Red or Red Silver Spotted Tabby Boy 

Moira Rose (Catherine O'Hara) - Silver Mackerel Tabby Girl

Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) - Blue Spotted Tabby Boy 


Sire:  Gillies Mithril of Lonecat

Dam: Gluckskatze AR Uliana of Finnland

Born:  December 13, 2020

Canadian Women of Health


Biden 2021

This is likely the last litter that Vivienne and Mitch will have, as Mitch will be "retiring" soon. 

The day before the 2021 inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Vivi kept me up all night and produce 5 adorable babies.  Lots of stripes... and spots (stars)!!!

This litter is the last before a fresh start.  And we all needed a fresh start.  I don't want to hear political comments - if a kitten from this (or any) litter comes to you the name the kitten has is chosen by you.  However, here are the names I have chosen for these babies....

This litter is named after 5 of the "Main Players" in the new American Administration.

Joe Biden (Joey) -  President -  Silver Mackerel Tabby with White Boy

Jill Biden (JIll) -  First Lady - Silver Mackerel Tabby Girl 

Jen Psaki (Jenny) - Press Secretary - Golden Spotted Tabby Girl

Kamala Harris (Kammy) - Vice President - Silver Mackerel Tabby Girl

Doug Emhoff (Doug) - Second Gentleman - Silver Mackerel Tabby Boy

Sire:  Gillies Mithril of Lonecat

Dam: Saint Paer Nimue of Finnland

Born:  January 19, 2021

I Miss Mexico 2021 
The FIRST Whites

This is the first litter that Chaos has fathered and we are over the moon with the results.

2 days early, Vixen calmly gave birth to the first baby with no notice to me as she relaxed in the kitten room with her much younger siblings (Inaugural litter).

Since I am just missing my friends of Cozumel Mexico, my home away from Canada, I am naming these 7 white kittens after those friends who live there and those who have travelled there with me to help create the memories I have.

In order of birth......

Kathy - fellow abyssinian owner, scuba diver and travel lover - WHITE FEMALE

Sandros - dive master and photographer - WHITE MALE

Vollrath - dive master, with me when I chased after a bull shark - WHITE MALE


Isaac - dive master and lion fish hunter - WHITE MALE

Carrie -my best friend who has explored the land and sea with me in Cozumel - WHITE FEMALE


Brad - dive instructor/friend/shop owner who embodied what we should all strive to be.  RIP my friend - WHITE MALE


Wendy - fellow abyssinian owner, Turkish angora owner and world traveller, we have had so many adventures that have enriched my life - WHITE FEMALE

​Sire: Adenium O King of Chaos

Dam: Finnland Vixen

Born: March 2, 2021

The Blues Brothers

Born August 20, 2021, these two kittens were what I had dreamed of for nearly 30 years - my first abyssinian litter.  They are chubby and sweet and energetic and BLUE!  2 Boys so the names Jake and Elwood Blues seemed fitting.

SIRE:  Temple de Bastet Evrest of FidjiAbyssin

DAM:  FidjiAbyssin Azul Rosalinda of Finnland

In Memory of Dad

Born September 5, 2021, this is the first litter from Vivienne and Chaos.  

They were due a day earlier, which also happened to be the 20th anniversary of my father's death.  They are named after him, in the hopes that they will be strong, loving men just as he was.

SIRE:  Adenium O King of Chaos

DAM:  Saint Paer Nimue of Finnland

Avery - white female

Gerald (Jerry) - silver tabby and white male

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