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The kittens are a lot of work - they're messy and noisy and too much fun to even imagine unless you've done it yourself.  My litters are raised in my bedroom - there are no cages involved except to protect them when vacuuming and the like.  They mingle with the adult cats in my home from a young age, will be used to having baths, getting their nails clipped and are socialized very well - they will have met cats and dogs and lots of humans before they leave my home.

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A Recent Litter
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Breaking Bad

Born June 24, 2022

Someone had named their kitten Walter White and being a Breaking Bad fan I thought it was an awesome name.  And then someone pointed out that Jesse Pinkman would be good for another white kitten, so a theme was born!!!

SIRE:  Adenium King-of-Chaos of Finnland

DAM:  Finnland Vixen

White is the predominant "color" again - Chaos' genes do run VERY strong!!

Walter White - male, blue eyed white

Gus Fring - male, silver mackerel tabby

Skyler White - female, odd-eyed white

Jesse Pinkman - male, odd-eyed white

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Please show your interest and when we are ready to extend contracts we will let you know that they are healthy and ready to be spoken for.

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