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The Dams of any cattery are the queens of the home.  They boss the boys, they demand the food and attention, and they raise the adorable kittens to be strong and well socialized cats in their forever homes.

VIVIENNE is now retired

St Paer Nimue of Finnland

My crazy little French girl all the way from Toulouse, France.  She's the first female cat in my home in over 3 decades and my first breeding cat.

Vivi is a silver mackerel tabby and white.

Vivi is the Best Turkish Angora in CCA for 2018-2019 and is the 9th Best Champion for the same year.

St Paer Nimue of Finnland

Gluckskatze A R Uliana of Finnland

Uliana comes all the way from Mechernich, Germany.  She is a lively little girl with beautiful color and a charming personality.  She never met a shoulder she didn't want to climb onto.

Uliana is a bit too young to be thinking about boys and babies, but she will eventually have kittens so stay tuned.

She is a Silver Patched Classic Tabby and White.

Uli is the 9th Best Kitten in CCA for the 2018-2019 show year.


Finnland Vixen

Vixen is my first home grown girl.  She was the last born of the Reindeer Litter.  She had me wrapped around her tail when she was 7 days old and there was no looking back.  She is a sweet girl and a lot of fun as well - she's the first to claim my lap when I'm sitting down.

Vixen is a bit too young to be thinking about boys and babies, but she will eventually have kittens so stay tuned.

She is a Golden Spotted Tabby.

ROSIE is now retired

Fidjiabyssin Azul Rosalinda of Finnland

Rosie is my first breeding Abyssinian girl.

She is my first blue abyssinian that has moved in to stay forever.

She stole my heart the day she was born and cemented that I was her slave by biting my nose within 24 hours of meeting me.

Rosie comes to me from Quebec, which isn't as exotic as some of my other cats, but during COVID it was just as difficult to get her into my hands.

Rosie is a Blue Abyssinian


Finnland Shady Pines Sophia

Sophia is Rosie's daughter.  

She was born in my bedroom on a cold February afternoon and just never left.

I showed her during her first 2 years of life and now she is a happy momma herself.  During her show career she became TICA's Best Blue Abyssinian Champion internationally and regionally she was 5th best champion of 2022-2023

Sophia is a Blue Abyssinian


Finnland HRH Princess Lillibet

Lillibet is Vivienne's last kitten - my last chance to keep another baby from the girl who started it all.

She was born on the day Queen Elizabeth died - I sat there watching the goings on in England and waiting for babies (but there was only 1) to be born.

It was a tough start but the kitten as small as a chicken nugget (hence her nickname "Nugget") pulled through!

She was shown in 2023 in TICA in Kitten Class, then hormones took over and she became a mom, picking up where her mother left off.

Lillibet is a Brown Mackerel Tabby Turkish Angora

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