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MITCH is now retired

Gillies Mithril of Lonecat

Mitch is a blue silver spotted tabby and resides with Lonecat Turkish Angoras in Brookfield, Nova Scotia.

Mitch is the sire of both The Reindeer Litter and The Howard Stern Litter.

Mitch is retired now - he has been neutered and is living with Lonecat Cattery at the present time.

A lot of catteries have on site males (Sires) and females (Dams).  I have chosen to only have whole females in my home and work with cooperating catteries to provide "sleep away sex camp" for my female.


St Paer Mystere of AlohaKedi

Mystere and Vivienne had an illicit love affair while she was still in France.  The result is The Gallagher Litter.

Mystere is a blue smoke and resides with AlohaKedi Turkish Angoras in Toulouse, France.

MYSTERE is now retired

thumbnail_January 3 2021-2.jpg

FI* Adenium O King of Chaos

Dasher from the Reindeer Litter went to Adenium and then a year later Chaos came from Adenium to us!  I co-own Chaos with Lonecat Cattery, where he lives.

Chaos is an odd-eyed white with a personality that does not live up to his name - he is sweet and loving.

Lonecat may have additional kittens and older cats available - please contact Finnland for details on how to proceed.



TempleDeBastet Evrest

Evrest belongs to Rosie's Breeder - FidjiAbyssin.

He is cheerful and above all affectionate.

He has great potential as a breeder. He has a superb build and magnificent ears

EVREST is now retired

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