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We wish they could stay with us forever, but it doesn't happen.

These are the cats that have touched my life in the last 3 decades.


Norman was a domestic shorthair brown tabby and white who took me from being a person who liked cats to a person who could not imagine living without a cat.

He was leash trained when that wasn't really a thing.  He played fetch.  He like to play in water.

March 1988-November 2002


Eppy was the result of an abyssinian mom getting out to have a fun night or two with a local boy.  He had the ticking of an aby, and the food drive, but that's about it.

He was my baby - he came to me at 5 weeks old and stayed until he was 20 years old.  He cried when I came home until I picked him up and cuddled him and he thoroughly had me wrapped around his tail!!!

December 1988-February 2009




Gus was a crazy little dude - he never seemed to grow up and he acted like a kitten for the short years he had on earth.

September 2002-July 2005

Gus Dec28 02 002.jpg



Finnegan was my second aby.  He is the FINN in Finnland.  He is also Seamus' uncle.

Finn arrived when Eppy had to leave.  He picked up where Eppy left off.  He was my heart cat, the one that loved me over anyone else.

Finn had a hard time - he became mysteriously ill around 2 years old and we fought and fought and fought and still don't know what really was wrong.

I had to let him go when he was just 4 years old - one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.

September 2008 - November 2012


Clancy was my first pedigree cat.  My red abyssinian.  We used to joke and say he was my little red devil because he could get himself into trouble and he also had a temper.

He was everything I could dream and aby could be and I wanted more!!!

June 2005-October 2018

Clancy 037.jpg


Cherie was Reggie's sister - my blue abyssinian girl.  She's the cat I saw in the adoption posting and had to have her.  Reggie came as part of the package.

Within 2 weeks of arriving here she was diagnosed with liver cancer.  She passed away loved and cared for, knowing that someone would do anything to make her better.

October 2005-February 2017



Reggie was my rescue fawn abyssinian.  He joined my home when he was 10 years old and his owner wasn't able to look after him (or herself) any longer.

Please ensure you have a survivor's plan - what will happen to your felines when you're gone?

Northeast Abyssinian and Somali Rescue does great work - make a donation if you can!!  

Reggie was a CCA regional winner in Household Pet class - because I didn't have registration papers for him.  He holds the title of Grand Companion.

In the end Reggie seemed to have congestion but it was a polyp in his nostril and tests showed that he had tumours in his organs.

October 2005 - March 2019

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